19 Aug 2011

Cartier Santos Demoiselle Ladies Steel Watch W25064Z5

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Written By: Ben Miller

Some of the best designs of luxury watches have sprung to life from great inspirations. Such is the case with the Cartier Demoiselle Ladies Watch W25064Z5. The sleek framework of this timepiece is influenced by the historic enterprises of aeronautic-entrepreneur, Santos-Dumont and his flight worthy creations.

Cartier Demoiselle W25064Z5

The Demoiselle's design is small but tasteful.

The Cartier Demoiselle Ladies Steel Watch W25064Z5 Features:

              • A linear case and bracelet of polished steel
              • A black index of Roman numerals
              • A square dial of silver with blue minute and hour hands
              • An octagonal crown with a fastened sapphire spinel
              • Calibre 157 Quartz movement
              • A hidden butterfly clasp
              • Sapphire crystal casing with 30-Meters of water resistance

The Demoiselle gets its name from the light-weight monoplane built by Santos-Dumont in 1907. At the time, the Demoiselle, known in French as “The Little Lady,” was the smallest and lightest aircraft in the world, able to support a single pilot with a bamboo pole and a light wooden frame.  The sleek nature of Santos-Dumont’s aircraft was impressive enough to inspire the creation of the Cartier Demoiselle collection.

Cartier Demoiselle W25064Z5 close up

Th alignment of case, buckle and markers gives the Demoiselle a rigid structure.

The stainless steel case houses a silver dial with Roman numerals marking the hours. Running the inner course of the dial is a ring of miniature minute marks that allows further accuracy when checking the time.

The blue-sword fashioned hands of the dial are powered by a Cartier Calibre 157 Quartz battery. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal plate and is wound by the steel octagon crown that is set with a sapphire spinel cachoban.

The Demoiselle retains features of its namesake monoplane with its light frame and hidden butterfly clasp, which spreads like a pair of steel wings when unlatched.

As a timepiece the W25064Z5 has a very bright presence with its silver and steel frame but is also modest in appearance. The Cartier Demoiselle is available for an impressive retail price of $4,000, rather affordable for a luxury timepiece with so much history and inspiration behind its brand. With such a rich history of creative endeavors, you too can take flight with a Demoiselle of your own.

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