20 Sep 2011

Cartier Santos Galbee Collection Steel Watch W20098D6

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Cartier Santos Galbee Collection Steel Watch W20098D6

Cartier Santos Galbee Collection Men's Extra Large Steel Watch

Written by: Robin Comita

The Santos de Cartier watch is a must have for collectors and watch enthusiasts. This watch is rooted deep in the history of watchmaking and is remembered as the first men’s wristwatch ever made. Today, the Santos Galbee is a modern variation of the original wristwatch design. Instead of a leather strap, the Galbee is made of steel and flaunts its many bolts around the crown and down the strap. This watch has a unique and original yet time honored appearance.

When the Santos de Cartier was first designed, it was made for an aviator and friend of Louis Cartier, Ablerto Santos-Dumont. Santos had criticized the inaccessible and unreliable qualities of the pocket watch when flying, and he desired a more reliable timepiece. Thus, the Santos de Cartier wristwatch was created, and its design was a tremendous success.

The watch’s dial has bold, black roman numerals which are slightly slanted but easy to read. The dial is white and the hands are royal blue in the shape of a sword. It has an hour, minute and second hand but no additional chronographs. The Cartier designer name is located below the 12 o’clock mark and above the hands in small black lettering. This timepiece also features a date aperture in between the four and five o’clock hours.

The Santos Galbee is a beautiful timepiece, and was designed as one of the first watches to be visible to everyone. Unlike pocket watches which remain in a pocket most of the time, this watch was made to look elegant without being flamboyant. The design is simple, sharp and practical.

The crystal is sapphire, the strongest and finest type of crystal used in watches. When compared to the other leading types of crystal, mineral and acrylic, sapphire crystal is virtually unchallenged. It is three times stronger than mineral crystal and 20 times more durable than acrylic crystal. Furthermore, it is very scratch resistant. Only diamonds can cut sapphire crystal, so your watch will stay in great condition.

This watch has a mechanical movement with automatic winding. The extra large model case is 34.87 mm wide and 45.54 mm tall. The small size case measures 26.2 x 34.8 mm. Both sizes are water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet. It is safe to shower and swim while wearing this watch, but you should pat it dry with a soft towel after submerging or splashing it to prevent rust and deterioration.

The Santos Galbee is a gorgeous timepiece and a tribute to Cartier’s remarkable impact on the history of watchmaking.

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