09 May 2010

#W51008Q3 Cartier Women’s Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch

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Luxury is a calling card of the Cartier line. And when it comes to ladies watches, few companies offer the style and sophistication that this classic timepiece does. With a clean white dial, hidden fastener, and scratch resistant face the Cartier Women’s Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch is a modern interpretation of an eternal look. The steady sweep of the precision quartz guarantees you will be on time and in fashion wherever you are.

The Tank Francaise has the same distinctive shape as it’s predecessor, serving as visual certification of it’s membership in the elite Cartier family. The quality crafting means that, among other things, the clasp will not accidentally come open while you’re out on the town. Combine that with the attentive service Cartier provides for all their products, and it’s clear that the Tank Francaise is not just a watch. It’s an investment in yourself.

A lot of companies make watches. Cartier creates pieces that move, work, and grow with you. When it comes to staying on track, you deserve the very best. And as a woman, you can have it all. Family, a social life, your career…and a high quality watch to help you keep it all in balance.

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  1. Well constructed post – you really did the product justice!

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