14 Dec 2011

Tank Louis Cartier W1529856 Ladies Watch

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Written by Leslie Foss

Jackie Kennedy wearing Cartier Tank Louis watch

In this famous image, Jackie can be seen wearing her Tank Louis watch.

The Cartier Tank Louis W1529856 ladies watch has an iconic reputation to live up to, and it does that with ease.  In yellow gold, this model will delight the woman who prefers timeless classics.  It costs $8,200 and then it would be in your life forever.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is remembered for her long list of talents and achievements.  Among them was her impeccable fashion sense.  It seems only natural that she chose to wear a Cartier Tank Louis watch.  It’s a modest yet quietly self-assured watch, just like Jackie herself.  It’s also the same design Louis Cartier himself wore on a daily basis.

Why is this timepiece is so beloved by first ladies (Michelle Obama also has one), princesses (like Princess Marie Chantal), and celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, more), It’s in the design. Understated luxury always stands the test of time.  The Tank Louis is a rectangular shape with roman numerals on the dial, and no other writing except the unchanged script that is the brand’s logo: “Cartier”. An alligator leather strap, usually brown, is unisex and free of frills.  In 1922 when this watch was first offered for sale it perfectly captured the geometric Art Deco style of the day.

Cartier Tank Louis Ladies Watch W1529856

A look at the Cartier Tank Louis W1529856.

But enough about its legacy, what about specifics?

Features of the Cartier Tank Louis W1529856:

          –18K yellow gold case
          –18K yellow gold circular-grained crown
          –Sapphire cabachon mineral crystal
          –Silver-grained dial
          –Roman numerals
          –Sword-shaped blue steel hands
          –Alligator strap with 18K gold ardillon buckle
          –Calibre 688 quartz movement
          –Water resistant to depth of 30 meters

With such style and the Cartier reputation for quality, could there be any reason to not purchase this watch?  There are a few:

This watch is not for you if: 

–You prefer today’s popular white gold, silver, or black watches

–You wear a lot of silver jewelry and want a timepiece to match

–The $8,200 price tag makes you wince

This timepiece is would not work with silvery accessories, but gold-colored jewelry has thankfully made a comeback, and if you have several gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces, this is your go-to watch to have.  When I think of the perfect clothing for this watch, I imagine suede boots or loafers, wool skirts, slacks and turtlenecks like the one Mrs. Kennedy is wearing in the photo above.  This is an American classic.  The Cartier Tank Louis W1529856 lives on as an icon in its own right.

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