22 Sep 2011

Cartier Tank Solo 18kt Gold Men’s Watch- W1018855

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The appeal of a watch such as this one is knowing that you are getting a watch of superb quality and made of fine materials. The Cartier Tank Solo W1018855  is undoubtedly a great looking watch. With this watch you can expect that you are getting an amazing product, and, I am pleased to say, this particular Tank Solo lives up to expectations.

The case of this Tank Solo is made of 18kt gold with a steel backing. The bracelet is made of fine alligator leather.  The watch dial is silver, and has bold roman numeral numbers, with markers that appear in a white and black piano-like pattern. The case is square and the numeral and markers go around in a square. The hands are blue and sword shaped, and compliment the gold case very well.

Overall this watch looks amazing. It simply exudes quality.  The black, white, and gold theme is timelessly classic. At a glance anyone can see that this is great looking watch, what really sets this one apart is its distinctive look: true to the Tank Solo style it has a square case. The bold roman numerals look elegant. The only unusual thing about this watch (which is part of the Tank Solo style) is its blue hands, but they complement well the yellow gold of the watch case. In addition, this watch has some great features including water resistance and scratch resistant sapphire.

This really is a quality watch, but the question is: is its quality worth $4,000 dollar, because that is about how much you will have to spend to buy one of these. Now, for finely crafted 18kt gold jewelry  you can expect to pay in the order of several hundreds. What you are paying for with this watch is, in part the quality and style that belong to the Tank Solo, but a big part of it is the gold. A similar model, the Cartier Tank Solo W5200003 has very similar specifications to its gold counterpart, but costs about $1,500 less. This should be considered if the gold isn’t a must. Customers should also consider the W52000014 if they like the feel of the watch, but want something with a silver look.

If an excellently crafted gold watch is what you are looking for this is a great buy. You will pay less for it than many gold Rolexs, and it will come with the distinctive style of Cartier.  This watch will look great in any attire, and you will know it is made with superb materials and care.

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