17 Sep 2011

Cartier Tank Solo Steel Collection Watch W5200017

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Cartier Tank Solo Collection Steel Alligator Watch W5200017

Cartier Tank Solo Collection Steel and Alligator Watch

Written by: Robin Comita

The Tank Solo watch by Cartier showcases a classic design in a modern body. This watch is timeless with effortless elegance and a simple rectangular shape. Its appeal has been experienced worldwide.

The Tank watch was first designed by Cartier in 1917 after the Renault FT (FT-17) tank was introduced by France during World War I. The Renault FT was a revolutionary tank design that changed the way tanks are made today. Its sharp angles, straight lines, and combination of square and rectangular parts informed the watch’s design, and its revolutionary status was an aspiration for Cartier.

As the timepiece was created in 1917, it was designed by the renowned Louis Cartier himself. The product has continued in production until today, and has only undergone minor design alterations. Notably, this Tank Solo timepiece has a unique and artistic dial which sets it apart from other watches. The dial has no hour markers, but it comes with two rows of roman numerals. The numerals are out of place and distorted as they lean far to the left. However, numerals eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve are in their appropriate positions on the dial.

The Cartier Tank Solo timepiece also features two blue, sword-shaped hands. It does not have a second hand or additional chronographs. The background is white and has the Cartier name written above the watch’s center. It also has the Cartier name written in the numeral five of the eight o’clock mark. The Swiss Made trademark is located towards the bottom, right corner. The Swiss Made trademark label assures you that the majority of the watch’s parts have been manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, and have therefore been held to their high watchmaking standards.

A common trade design for Cartier watches is a small jewel placed on the watch’s winding crown. The Tank Solo boasts a sapphire cabochon on the tip of the winding crown which lends an additional touch of glamour to the luxury timepiece. Although this detail is not uncommon for Cartier products, it will definitely set your watch apart from others.

The watch’s movement is battery powered quartz. Quartz watch batteries typically need replacing every 1.5 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer and on the watch. It is water resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet but should not be exposed to extensive underwater use. However, it is safe to shower while wearing this Tank Solo. This watch has an alligator skin strap and a double deployment steel buckle. It is a classic watch with a stylish air that should content any Cartier lover!

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