01 Aug 2011

Cartier Tank Solo W5200016 Women’s Watch

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At the high end of watches, there is an assumed loss of frivolousness. Cartier would beg to differ with you assumptions in offering theĀ W5200016 from the Tank Solo line.

Cartier Tank Solo Watch


There are many features it shares in common with the other watches of this line. These watches are made in Switzerland, so naturally Swiss quartz movement is used. The face is protected with a Sapphire crystal lens. The shape of the housing is an attractive but not quite square rectangle, and the housing itself is made from from Stainless Steel, and the crown is topped with a spinet cabochon (synthetic). Another small but lovely detail, in addition to that subtly cabochon, is the shape of the hands. They are a lovely blue steel, and sword shaped–a little romantic reminder of the finality of time.

But you came here less for a discussion on what makes this watch common, and more for the revelation of what makes it unique. The promised frivolity is in the panther motif decorating the face. The panther motif is continued with on the watch band itself, which is somewhat surprisingly, made of leather.

It makes you wonder if perhaps the watch is making reference to time as a stalking cat, ever chasing after you and always hidden, a ghost that surrounds you. Alternatively, it may be that the watch is the weapon by which you stalk time. The sword shaped hands carving off little slices of victory while you hunt your prey: efficiency. Or perhaps, it is neither of these, but instead a wry remark on how time is running out for panthers–or perhaps has run out for the faux panther this watch was made from. (Note: No faux panthers were harmed in the making of this watch.)

The panther motif adds a spark of conversation starter to a watch clearly intended to attract attention. But please remember this is a panther motif, not a leopard motif. Panthers have circles, and leopards have spots.


  • Model W5200016
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Leather strap
  • Crown set with synthetic Spinet Cabochon
  • Adjustable Pin and Buckle Clasp
  • Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal lens
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Water Resistant to 30 meters
  • Case Dimensions: 34.8×27.4mm, 5.55mm thickness
by: Justin Hawthorne
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