23 Sep 2011

Tank Solo Women’s Gold watch- W5200004

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The Cartier Tank Solo W5200004 by Cartier is true to the Tank Solo style, mixing classic and modern. With its style it promises a great look, with quality materials.

Everything about this watch is high quality. The watch case is made with 18kt yellow gold with a steel backing, and has water resistance.  The dial has an opaline silver color, roman numeral numbers, and markers that appear reminiscent of piano keys. The strap is made of fine leather. The glass is scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This watch is made of quality materials, and you can tell.  Its square frame may be a deviation from a classical look, but it is hard to deny that it is an elegant watch.

With this watch Cartier has attempted to make a watch that combines the best of the traditional and modern style, but have they made it work? The white, black, and yellow look of this watch is one that is sure to never go out of style. As long as you have this watch you can be certain that you can wear it, confident you will look great. While the watch is undeniably elegant it also has its eccentricities. The square case and blue hands are break from its classic feel, but it doesn’t at all seem mismatched; on the contrary, something about the roman numerals, gold case, leather strap, and blue hands goes together wonderfully.

This is a fantastic Cartier Watch, but its price tag around $4,000 is nothing to gloss over. This is a lot of money, but with this watch you are paying for three great things: 1) the unique style that Cartier offers, 2) a high quality watch, and 3) a watch made of superb materials. This last one especially is going to add to the price, as it contains 18kt gold. As a consumer you may be wondering: it seems good, but is it really $4,000 good? Really this is not a watch for everyone. If you like the style, but the gold isn’t a must, some of the other Tank Solo models would be a better choice. On the other hand, if you really want a watch made of gold, and other very fine materials this is a great buy.

With this watch you not only get a timepiece that will look great wherever you go, but you also get a truly distinctive style, and you can be comfortable in knowing that your watch is among the high quality luxury watches available.


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