Cartier Tank Francaise Men’s Automatic Watch W51002Q3

Review by Kaitlin Young Cartier is undoubtedly one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world, and Cartier’s Tank collection is the company’s most popular line of timepieces. The Tank Francaise W51002Q3, like all the watches in the Tank series, was originally inspired by the Allied Tank forces fighting in Europe during WWI. Looking at.. read more →

Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch w7100018

Written by Devin McCarthy For those looking for a men’s watch that provides quality and style for a lifetime, look no further then the Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch w7100018. Cartier is synonymous with handcrafted products that are timeless in design. The Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch is no exception. The Calibre has a.. read more →

The Cartier Santos 100 Men’s Watch W20011C4

The Cartier Santos 100 Men’s Watch W20011C4 could be a timepiece that will never go out of fashion.  The Santos Collection has been an intricate part of Cartier watches family for many years and although subtle changes have been infused into the design, the architecture has remained traditional.  The Cartier Santos 100 Men’s Watch W20011C4.. read more →

Do Real Men Wear Cartier Watches?

Do real men wear Cartier watches?  Of course they do, and why? Because Cartier knows what it takes to make a great watch, and a great impression.  Men and women, alike desire luxury, but also want a watch that associates them with sophistication and class…Cartier does this, like no one else.  Unlike many of their.. read more →

Cartier Watches Presents The Men’s Ballon Bleu

Cartier watches Ballon Bleu Collection is irresistible.  The soft round cases are super appealing and have a contemporary, elegant look.  The entire collection offers traditional styling, with a flare of the unusual.  One of my personal favorites is the W69009Z3 Men’s watch.  It features a Blue cabochon crown incorporated with its case.  It is crafted.. read more →

Cartier W31072M7 Men’s Extra Large Pasha Watch: Bold And Cohesive

Cartier fits a square peg into a round hole with its men’s W31072M7 extra large Pasha watch. The design has fortitude. It is simple and clear with plenty of blank space, but it is not empty. It is a time piece that can be worn in virtually any setting from formal to casual and will.. read more →

Cartier Santos 100 W20121U2 Men’s Watch: The Industrial Side Of Cartier

If you favor the industrial and utilitarian over the subtle or outright glitzy, there may just be a Cartier watch for you. The Cartier Santos 100 W20121U2 men’s watch is a big square block of wrist-bound time keeping machinery with telltale Cartier accents and quality. The Santos 100 looks sturdy. It looks manly. In fact,.. read more →

Cartier W31077M7 Pasha Seatimer Men’s Watch: Spirit Of The Sea

Cartier says its Pasha Seatimer W31077M7 men’s watch was made with the “spirit of the open sea.” It is a striking time piece, but its design is more traditional than outlandish. Here, Cartier blends a formal and an athletic look for a high quality, high end watch. The Pasha Seatimer’s case and bracelet are stainless.. read more →

21 Must De Cartier W10110T2 Men’s Watch: Classic Modernism

Cartier calls its 21 Must De Cartier W10110T2 men’s watch a “modern classic.” That is a good assessment. Really, this watch combines the modern with the classic. At first glance, it looks like a timeless, classic Cartier watch. A second longer and you see the modern elements beginning to emerge. Aside from the blued steel.. read more →

Vroom, Vroom: The Cartier Roadster W62041V3 Men’s Watch

Time will not speed up if you are wearing Cartier’s Roadster W62041V3 men’s watch, but you may look a little faster. Inspired by race cars of the 1950’s and 60’s, the Roadster W62041V3 is at once original, sleek and bubbly. It maintains the precision and style that has been a mainstay of Cartier products for.. read more →