Cartier Pasha C Steel Men’s Watch W31074M7 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young A lot of times it is very clear when a watch is designed to be worn by men and when it was designed for women. However, the distinction isn’t so clear when it comes to the Cartier Paha C Steel W31074M7. Technically, this is a watch made to be worn by.. read more →

Cartier Miss Pasha W3140008: Jewelery Band with Pink Metallic Face

Written By: Christine Texeira Cartier is a brand associated with quality jewelery, so it only makes sense that adding function to that jewelery would result in elegant timepieces. The bracelet band is pulled off beautifully in Cartier’s Miss Pasha W3140008. The stainless steel band is made up of angled links that connect at a deployment.. read more →

Cartier Women’s W3140007 Miss Pasha Small Watch Review

Written By: Camille Hansen If you are searching for a watch with simplistic design and Swiss workmanship then take a look at the Cartier Women’s W3140007 Miss Pasha Small watch. This lady’s watch holds up to the Cartier tradition of combining classical design with modern elements added in. The silver dial with stainless steel bezel.. read more →

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Collection Watch W3140001

Written by: Robin Comita Although this watch is elegant and luxurious to the eye, do not let the Cartier Pasha Seatimer timepiece fool you. It is also durable and designed for optimum water resistance. The Pasha watch takes its name from an encounter with the Pasha of Marrakech in the mid-1930’s. The Pasha of Marrakech.. read more →

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Steel W3140002 Review

Written by Traci Michael Crafted for an adventurous lifestyle, the women’s Cartier Pasha Seatimer Steel W3140002 captures carefree style while maintaining its class. Made with advanced technology, this watch is dedicated to providing accurate time. If you’re looking for a watch that gives a fairly detailed time reading without too many bells and whistles, this.. read more →

Cartier Miss Pasha Pink Gold Diamonds Dial Fabric Strap Ladies Watch WJ124028 Review

Written by: Linda Gayle Parker Cartier’s Miss Pasha Pink Gold Diamonds Dial Fabric Strap Ladies Watch WJ124028 is a very elegant and streamlined timepiece, set with the understated sparkle of 8 diamonds and the soft but brilliant glow of pink gold. If you are looking for a fine dress watch, designed with classic appeal, constructed.. read more →

Men’s Cartier Pasha Seatimer Stainless Steel Watch W31080M7

  The Cartier Pasha Seatimer is a traditional timepiece with elegance integrated into its design. This Men’s watch from Cartier is an old fashioned luxury item based off of one of the brand’s earliest swimming watch. As the story goes, Cartier watch makers were commissioned by the Pasha of Marrakech in 1933 to create a.. read more →

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Women’s Watch W3140005

The Cartier Pasha Seatimer Women’s Watch W3140005 is a great looking timepiece for the upcoming summer months.  The Pasha collection by Cartier watches has been one of their most loved lines for many years, but this model is one of my favorites.  Cartier has paired the silver Pasha dial with a beautiful white rubber bracelet,.. read more →

Cartier Watches Women’s Pasha in Pink

Cartier watches are stylish and sophisticated, but none showcase their elegant design quite like the pink gold Pasha women’s timepiece.  This watch will stand out and be noticed.  It exudes opulence and is a piece that will be current for many years to come. The pink Pasha women’s timepiece by Cartier watches is offered with.. read more →

Cartier W31072M7 Men’s Extra Large Pasha Watch: Bold And Cohesive

Cartier fits a square peg into a round hole with its men’s W31072M7 extra large Pasha watch. The design has fortitude. It is simple and clear with plenty of blank space, but it is not empty. It is a time piece that can be worn in virtually any setting from formal to casual and will.. read more →