Aldo Cipullo And The 1969 Cartier Love Bracelet

The summer of 1969 was a momentous time.  It was the height of the Vietnam War.  John and Yoko stayed in bed for peace.  The United States had finally visited the moon.  And the love revolution was in full force. This was also a time when Cartier was creating some of the world’s finest jewelry.. read more →

Cartier 21 Chronoscaph W10125U2 Men’s Watch

If the Cartier 21 Chronoscaph W10125U2 men’s watch came with a caption, it might be “The Chief Execute Athlete.” The 21 Chronoscaph W10125U2 is a highly designed, styled and engineered chronograph of creativity, spark and beauty. Its many unique features, along with Cartier quality, set it apart from most other timepieces in the world and the.. read more →

Cartier Santos Dumont Men’s Watch W2008751: Review

Cartier’s Santos Dumont W2008751 Men’s Watch proves a modern look can also be timeless. According to Cartier’s website, the first watch produced of this model was a gift to a famed Brazilian aviation pioneer named Santos-Dumont. That was in 1904, and though the watch has a classic Cartier air to it, its square shape still.. read more →

How To Spot A Replica Cartier Watch

If you are in the market for a quality, hand crafted Cartier watch you will need to be careful to not be tempted or deceived by a look-alike and low prices.  Be aware that counterfeit pieces are often sold on the Internet, on auction sites, and at the flea market. There are a few things.. read more →