Cartier Santos Galbee W20099C4 XL Men’s Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Cartier watches have earned a reputation for luxury in the way of watches and and accessories. For fans of the Cartier lines, the newest innovations from this brand-name are highly anticipated. Unfortunately, like every line, some new models are simply not as successful as others. In the case of the Cartier Santos.. read more →

Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8 Women’s Watch Review

Written by Andrew Hilbert The Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8 women’s watch has a youthfully elegant design and would be a fun watch to add to any woman’s jewelry collection. Cartier is renowned for their elegance in designing fine women’s jewelry that is as fashionable as they are tasteful and useful. Its comfortable pink leather.. read more →

Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch Review

Written by: John Parker Some men could probably use a watch made of legendarily durable rhinoceros skin. But the rhinoceros is quite attached to its skin (and is a critically endangered animal), so they’ll have to make due with the sumptuous but dependable Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch. A durable, unique (and expensive).. read more →

Cartier Santos Demoiselle 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch W25063X9

Written By: Caitlin Rojas This classic, stunning design from Cartier is a prime example of why they are one of the biggest names in the business, and certainly, one of the most luxurious, well thought of names. Made of 18K Yellow Gold, The Cartier Santos Demoiselle, W25063X9, is a classic, stylish design that has no.. read more →

Cartier Santos Galbee Collection Steel Watch W20098D6

Written by: Robin Comita The Santos de Cartier watch is a must have for collectors and watch enthusiasts. This watch is rooted deep in the history of watchmaking and is remembered as the first men’s wristwatch ever made. Today, the Santos Galbee is a modern variation of the original wristwatch design. Instead of a leather.. read more →

Cartier Santos Galbée Women’s Watch W20012C4 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young The Cartier Santos Galbée W20012C4 is a timepiece that completes any elegant casual look. This is a two-toned timepiece that contrasts the strength of brushed stainless steel with the glamor of 18K gold. The 18K gold fixed bezel is set with a white, opaline dial that is adorned with blue metallic,.. read more →

Cartier Santos 100 Women’s Medium Watch W20122U2 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young The Santos collection was inspired by an aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont, and friend of Louis Cartier. It was for Alberto that Louis created the first ever men’s wristwatch, so he could keep track of time while flying without having to use an awkward pocket watch. Like the first wristwatch, the Cartier Santos.. read more →

Cartier Santos W25075Z5: A Women’s Classic Watch

Written By: Christine Texeira Cartier was the name that helped to popularize the modern day wristwatch. At a time when pocket watches were the fashionable norm, Louis Cartier introduced the very first wristwatch for men. In 1904 he created the watch and called it the Santos after Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian pilot who needed to.. read more →

Cartier Santos Demoiselle Ladies Steel Watch W25064Z5

Written By: Ben Miller Some of the best designs of luxury watches have sprung to life from great inspirations. Such is the case with the Cartier Demoiselle Ladies Watch W25064Z5. The sleek framework of this timepiece is influenced by the historic enterprises of aeronautic-entrepreneur, Santos-Dumont and his flight worthy creations. The Cartier Demoiselle Ladies Steel.. read more →

Cartier Santos Women’s Watch W20056D6

The Cartier Santos de Cartier does something most women’s watches seem to fear to do. It dares to be mechanical in appearance. Every detail of this watch reminds you that it is a machine. A machine with a very specific purpose, but a machine nonetheless. Every plate is made of brushed stainless steel and has.. read more →