10 Jul 2010

Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele Women’s Watch of 1920

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Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele was first produced in 1920 and re-released in 2009

In the year 1920 Cartier was doing very well as a jewelry maker selling fine pieces to royalty and other nobles.  It was also a time when the company was venturing into new territory with timepieces.  Cartier created a very simple watch that year for women called, the Baignoire Grand Modele.

What made the Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele so unique is that it was not ornate, as was usual with Cartier.  Instead, the face of the watch was crafted from a very smooth, delicate 18K rose gold gold rim.  Inside the face of the timepiece was a soft, silver background with black Roman numerals and blue hands.  The band was also very subtle, with light gold tones that were almost flesh colored.

Piaget 430C movement became the standard for the Baignoire Grand Modele, which was reproduced by Cartier in 2009.  The timepiece of today still has the same features of the 1920 version, including a matching rose gold crown with an embedded blue sapphire stone.

The oval Baignoire bathtub originally inspired the timepiece in the early twentieth century.  Cartier was famous for transforming every day objects into works of art.  The Baignoire Grand Modele is one such timepiece with a look that will never go out of style.

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