25 Dec 2011

Cartier Délices Rose Gold Women’s Watch W8100009 Review

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Cartier Délices Rose Gold Women’s Watch W8100009

Cartier Délices W8100009

Written By: Jean Flint

The Délices de Cartier collection is truly something special. This design features an oval case with an unusual tilt that imparts a stretched, malleable look reminiscent of Salvador Dalí’s famous melting clocks. In particular, the Cartier Délices Rose Gold Women’s Watch W8100009 model features smooth 18k rose gold and beige satin surfaces that set it apart from the other, much flashier models in the series.

The dial of this delightful small model watch is lacquered and silver-toned with guilloché decoration. 12 black Roman numerals form an elegant tilted oval on the likewise tilted dial as though time is softening and running to either side. It’s held in place by the polished 18k rose gold case. You may not be able to see on this model, but on the Cartier Délices HPI00495 it’s easier to tell that each side of the bezel emerges out of the wristband, twists under its opposite side, and runs into the wristband again.

Other features:

  • toile brossée or “brushed canvas” beige satin fabric wristband
  • ardillion buckle is done in 18k rose gold to match the case
  • blue sapphire cabochon set in a circular-grained 18k rose gold crown
  • blued-steel sword-shaped hour and minute hands
  • battery operated quartz movement Cartier caliber 059
  • water resistant to 30 meters (98 feet)
The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dalí

Cartier Délices Rose Gold and Diamonds HPI00495

Cartier Délices HPI00495

There are a few things about this watch that you have to keep in mind. FIrst of all, it’s expensive. The retail price is $10800. Which is not as expensive as the gold and diamond encrusted Délices HPI00495 and its $96000 retail price tag… but still. For all the expense, the Délices design lacks certain features that would make it easier to accurately judge the time, such as a second hand and minute markers. The Roman numerals are oriented around the center of the dial, so some have to be read upside-down and at an odd tilt. The beige and rose gold make the transition from wristband to watch case much more abrupt than other Délices models with linked rose gold wristbands – the W8100003 or WG800003 models, for example. And the overall design is unique, but it’s a matter of personal preference whether or not that would make it look out of place worn in certain contexts. It’s definitely not a watch meant for daily wear.

But, if it suits your tastes and your budget, the Cartier Délices Rose Gold Women’s Watch W8100009 is undoubtably an elegant, stunning, and intriguing luxury timepiece.

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