22 Dec 2011

Cartier Love 18kt Rose Gold Ladies Watch WE801331 Review

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Written by: Victoria Farina

The Cartier Love 18 karat Rose Gold Ladies Watch WE801331 is aptly named because it has just enough special features to make any woman fall in love. The overall look of this watch is very elegant and graceful, almost romantic. It has an 18 karat rose gold bezel fixed with 18 diamonds in series of three divided by a golden screw. The dial is brown guilloche with bluish hour and minute hands and golden roman numerals. One of the loveliest features is the satin band which is the same brown as the dial and gives the watch a very delicate and feminine look.

Image of Cartier Love WE801331 Ladies Gold Watch

The Cartier Love is delicate, refined and so romantic!

This is a high quality watch with quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass. The case is quite thick at 6.16mm and the watch is water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet. What sets this watch apart are the 18 round cut diamonds which are quite a bit larger than most watch diamonds. This watch just drips with luxury and class. It is a perfect jewelry watch for a woman of any age and can be worn with dresses or other fancy dress without taking away from the rest of the outfit. The Cartier Love is also discrete enough to be able to wear it with other jewelry without looking over-accessorized. The brown satin band should blend well with most colors and is a subtle shade so it does not stand out too much. This is a watch for women who want a very graceful and refined look.

The screw motif is interesting. These gold screws are found both on the bezel and one on the side of the case serves as the winding dial. I am not sure how I feel about the screws. On the one hand I think they work with the overall look, but on the other hand I find the screw motif to be a little bit too industrial looking for such an otherwise delicate and ladylike watch. The screws are small enough to not detract from the watch and do give the Cartier Love a modern look. There are other models of this watch which do not have the diamonds, but only the screws on the bezel. I do not find those models to be as attractive as this one, therefore, the diamonds do add a lot to the overall appearance of this watch.

The Cartier Love is certainly a watch that any woman would love and comes in a beautiful red leather jewelry box. This makes the perfect romantic gift and any woman would appreciate receiving such a gorgeous watch, especially a watch which is called ‘Love’. If a woman were to receive the Cartier Love from a man, she would be so very delighted to find that not only is her man a romantic at heart, but he also has excellent taste!


  • Beautiful, graceful and elegant
  • A very romantic gift
  • Unusual soft satin band
  • Screw motif somewhat detracts from overall look
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