17 Nov 2011

Cartier WE801131 Women’s Love Rose Gold Diamond Watch Review

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Cartier WE801131 Women's Love Rose Gold Diamond Watch

Cartier Rose Gold Love: True Elegance

Written by: John Parker

For anyone who wants a watch that will make an impression, the Cartier WE801131 Love Rose Gold Diamond Watch is a fabulous option.

Cartier, of course, is synonymous with luxurious style, sumptuous materials and impeccable detailing. The WE801131 is no exception to Cartier’s tradition of excellence. This timepiece is water-resistant to thirty meters, but if I ever catch you swimming in this watch, we will exchange angry words. Rose gold and diamonds belong at state dinners and romantic encounters, not in chlorine-saturated swimming pools.

But the true beauty of the Love Diamond Watch is that it would look good anywhere (even, I hate to admit, in the water). The classic round face, prepossessing silvered grey dial and sword-shaped blue steel hands easily make the transition from day to night, from office to opera or airplane. The grey fabric band is an ingenious choice – it contrasts beautifully with the rose gold, brings out the blue in the steel hands and complements the face. Plus, fabric is lighter and more comfortable than stainless steel, which means that you can wear this watch for a longer period of time without experiencing discomfort.

I’m always impressed when I see a watch that hasn’t given in to the overwhelming pressure to add toys and useless features to its face. After all, almost all of have cell phones in our purses, and likely laptops and blackberries as well. It is complete overkill to load your luxurious, beautiful Cartier timepiece down with god-knows how many annoying dials and scales. Someone wearing this beautiful watch seems to be saying, “I don’t need to pack three stopwatches, a calculator and a datebook onto my wrist. I’m content to simply wear beauty.”


  • High Quality, Luxurious Rose Gold Face
  • Diamond-Studded Bezel
  • Comfortable Fabric Band
  • Understated Style


  • No calendar function or seconds hand
  • Rose gold can show wear
  • Price may be prohibitive ($6,475)

For those who appreciate the understated beauty of the WE801131 but prefer steel to gold, Cartier offers the gorgeous Pascha C Watch W31074M7, another Cartier design that perfectly melds elegance and function.

To me, the beauty of the Cartier Love WE801131 is embodied by the three diamonds studding its face – diamonds that alternate with understated rose gold screws. When you wear a watch like this, you are making the conscious decision to choose timeless style over fad and sophisticated moderation over garish ostentation. Not a watch for the noveau-riche, but certainly a timepiece worth the price.

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