19 Jun 2010

WG600003 Captive de Cartier Women’s Watch: Inimitable

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One-of-a-kind piece from Cartier

With it's captivating appearance, no wonder this women's watch is in the Captive de Cartier collection!

This Cartier women’s watch is literally inimitable. The uniqueness in design is a true example of the Captive de Cartier collection and is impossible to imitate. Nothing about this timepiece makes you think boring or original. It does, however, make you do a double take thanks to the striking peach colored face or the surplus amount of diamonds on the bezel and face. You’ll be glad you looked twice. Once you notice the other physical features you will smile in approval, maybe ask a question or two about the inner workings of the watch and inquire where you can get your own (and if you read on, I’ll let you know both).

This WG600003 Captive de Cartier Women’s Watch is beautifully crafted and made of 18k rose gold. It is adorned with gorgeous diamonds on the entire bezel and diamonds in an open circle at the 12 o’clock position. In addition, the timepiece features twelve lines with a mismatching amount of diamonds acting as the hour markers. Helping you read the time is blue-steal sword-shaped hands. To keep the ample amount of diamonds on the face protected, and make this watch perfect for an everyday wear, this Cartier has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Cartier also knows that accidents happen (hence the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal). With that being said, in case you might fall into water this WG600003 Captive de Cartier Women’s Watch is water resistant in up to 30 meters of water. The timepiece comes with a 2-year warranty for any other accidents that might occur as well. It is 35 mm in diameter and 9.33 mm thick. The Captive de Cartier women’s watch also features a dark burgundy ‘toile brossée’ fabric strap with an ardillon buckle in 18k pink gold.

The WG600003 Captive de Cartier Women’s Watch is available at the official Cartier website, Cartier boutique stores and authorized sellers.

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